What is lifestyle-nights.com?
We organize special events and action for special "lifestyle-people".

Is it a club?
No, we name it as a group of active people who like special partys, events and action.

What kind of action and events?
We do not like to tell too much about it. We try to create big smiles of fun and surprise - therefore we like to keep it a little mysterious. The biggest effect is to be surprising.

What does it cost to become a member?
Nothing - you do not  become a "member" in the normal way. You just become a member of a special guestlist on which you get listed for upcoming action and partys. There is no cost to get on that list.

How do we get onto that list?
By recommondation through any other already existing member. Or you will get invited by the webmaster.

How long does the membership last?
There is no specific validation time - but we keep free to deny requested membership even without any speciifc reason.

How do we receive invitations?
By Email- either through our mailsystem or through the mailsystem of cooperating communities.

Are we automatically invited to any party or event?
No, you will receive specific invitations for partys. We select the guests following to place, action and philosophy of the party. The flyer for any action will show who might be invited. But we try to start action for any of our members.

Can we see all action, partys or events on the HP?
Every single action and event will be protected by a specific login. The invited member will receive the login with the invitation. But we will show teasers for all partys and events on our HP which you can see with the standard login.


Guys... as explained we select our male-guests following to the philosophy of our partys - if you want to become a steady member you definately have to impress us through your profile - simple informations and embarrassing pics of your willie are not the best way to impress.

Be stylish be charming!

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