You and your friends are invited to Kestrel Hydro's mixed gender adult naturist spa which is located near Heathrow Airport. The Hydro, the first naturist spa of its kind in the UK, is a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere spa for those who prefer not to wear clothes whilst enjoying the full benefits and pleasures of a sauna, a heated swimming pool, an outdoor and an indoor hot-tub, relaxation rooms, massage chair, a sunbathing area and a TV room. We welcome regular members and day visitors. Our website is updated regularly to inform guests of current opening hours and future events at the spa. The venue is naturist, hence you must remove all of your clothing in the changing area. As most of the fun in the spa involves getting wet, we provide free towels and lockers to keep your belongings safe. However, we do advise you to bring some form of footwear to walk around the Hydro,. i.e. flip flops, and a towelling robe if you prefer.

Kestrel Hydro opening hours are seasonal. It is recommended that you visit the website for the current opening hours, timetable and entry contributions. 

Everyone must produce two forms of identification to enter the spa for the first time.

We welcome couples, single guys and single ladies on the days that we are open, apart from Saturdays which are reserved exclusively for couples and single ladies.On the 2nd Wednesday of every month, we hold "THE UK'S FIRST EVER JOINT KESTREL HYDRO/SDC NATURIST PARTY" naturist party from 6pm until midnight. Sexy couples, single guys and single ladies are able to enjoy the facilities during the daytime and stay on for a night of naturist fun where strict naturist etiquette is observed. When the party begins at 6pm, those attending will be able to either stay naturist, switch to towels only or wear lingerie/sexy underwear. No clothes are permitted.




location: Near Heathrow, UK